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one of our four café locations

King / Talbot Café

105 King Street, London

M–Th 7–9 | Fri–Sat 7–10 | Sun 9–7

Wortley Café

136 Wortley Road, London

M–W 7–8 | Th–F 7–9 | Sat 8–9 | Sun 8–5

The Roastery + Café

630 Dundas Street, London

M–F 8–7 | Sat–Sun 9–5

The Market Café

900 King Street, London

Saturday Only: 8–3

About Us

Welcome to the home of handcrafted artisan coffee. We have one of Canada's largest selections of whole bean coffee from all around the world, roasting over 35 types of coffee, including 20 single origins, as well as several decafs and specialty blends. Discover your perfect cup.

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